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Interview with Timothy Heck and Ed Hagerty

I had the pleasure to interview Timothy Heck, Deputy Directing Editor of the Modern War Institute at the United States Military Academy (West Point) and co-editor of the fantastic On Contested Shores: The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations in the History of Warfare.…

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Gunboat Unit Capabilities

The Gunboat game unit with its abilities to bombard and transport troops give the British a massive operational advantage in the most excellent wargame, Maori Wars – The New Zealand Land Wars. Published by Legion Wargames, Maori Wars allows players to simulate…

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New Pod Alert and Interview

I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with author and historian Dr. Stephen R. Taaffe, history professor at Stephen F. Austin State University on our latest pod episode. He’s the kinda guy you just want to sit down and crack a cold…

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Using Wargame Analysis to Make Reforms

“A defeat, when correctly analyzed, is always productive of reform.” Rear Admiral Paul Auphan, French Navy (Ret.) Taking the ‘L’ in a defeat in a competitive situation is rarely a great feeling for competitive people. I myself am one of those people.…

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Commanding Lincoln’s Navy (Book Review)

Some of the sweetest words in the English language are indeed ‘Gin and Tonic’ or ‘Old Fashioned’ however, ‘Naval blockade’ is just simply delicious. Spin a yarn or tale that has naval blockades and I am in. Make an excellent board game…

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The Captain Who Burned His Ships

I think it is pretty obvious that we love stories of scuttled ships, fleets and squadrons. It’s niche (if you know, you know) for sure but the stories are incredible and many times heartbreaking. More often than not these stories include ships…

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